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Ibyiwacu Cultural Village Visit - Rwanda Community Tours

The Iby’lwacu cultural village is located near Volcanoes National P ark, in the Northern Province, Musanze district of Rwanda. The visit to this cultural centre exposes the visitors to activities and life styles of the local people in the area, visitors get to know about the artifacts and ways of living. The Iby’lwacu Cultural Village is dedicated at focusing the ways of living, traditional lifestyles and dances especially to the tourists.
This cultural village gives you a chance to meet the local people in their natural environment where by the visitor has to expect genuine and warm welcome accompanied by warm music plus dance and drama which is amazing. All these are offered to visitors in a rich Kinyarwanda culture, you just sit and relax while enjoying.

While at the cultural village, visitors listen to the stories from the elders, medical advisors, fortune tellers where you acquire art and craft skills among others. There is also a chance to attend to a local banana brewery process and have a taste on local banana beer. Then explore the Batwa pottery production experience, the lessons and meeting engagements. Visitors may tend to take part in the daily life activities to get to know the local people, with their culture and also their ways of living since the village is captivating with a variety of enriching cultural experience.

Iby’iwacu cultural village helps you to gain hunting skills but they do not practice them in the parks or game reserves, however, you can go on to practice hunting skills after you have gotten the hunting permits and then continue to do a guided hunting practice. It is notably a pleasure to know that some of the actors at the iby’iwacu cultural village were former poachers until they realized the magnitude of preserving wildlife.