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When to go Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda - Volcanoes National Park

What is the best time to Visit Rwanda?

When it is a dry season, you will be taken by surprise when it starts raining in the middle of One of the popularly asked questions by potential and intending gorilla trekkers is; “when is the best time to visit Rwanda for Gorilla tracking?” Several writers have come up with their opinions/arguments regarding this question. Surprisingly, Rwanda can be visited all year round for a gorilla tracking adventure. Whichever time you Visit Rwanda for gorilla trekking, you will achieve the same level of satisfaction.

However there are seasons/periods of the year that are considered more favorable for gorilla tracking. The best time to participate in this refreshing activity is usually the dry seasons from June to September and from mid December to early February. This is also the peak season in Rwanda’s Gorilla tourism (from June to September and December to February but December is the busiest month of the year). It is advisable to book your gorilla permit at least 6 months earlier and book the lodges also some months in advance to avoid disappointment. Majority of tourists prefer to participate in gorilla trekking during this season due to easier hiking conditions, in that the trails are not muddy and slippery. However, due to the scarcity of food during dry seasons, gorilla trekkers tend to take a longer time to sight/get a gorilla group because these creatures tend to move to far distances in search of food.

Other seasons that are wetter due to constant rains are not preferred because the paths tend to be steeper and the trails muddy, making hiking arduous hence will require the trekker to be physically fit before considering to participate during this season. The mist associated with this season makes visibility and taking photographs a challenge. The rainy season is normally from March to mid May and from July to November. This is usually a low season with lesser participating gorilla trekkers. Gorilla trekking in this season is so fascinating because you feel you have the entire jungle to yourself because of few people. The advantage that tourists always have while trekking gorillas in this season is that it is easier to sight the mountain gorillas because there is plenty of food and these Giant apes don’t move to further distances since the food can be found within their reach without necessarily moving far.

However you need to note that due to the altitude of the Volcanoes National Park, the possibility of raining or not cannot be 100% guaranteed. Even the day yet you had presumed it wouldn’t rain. Gorilla tracking cannot be cancelled even when it rains and on the scheduled day the activity will be conducted. It is therefore important to be prepared at all times. This is why regardless of it being a rainy season or not, gorilla trackers are advised to have rain jackets, rain proof hiking boots, hats, rain proof bag pack to protect your documents and cameras in case of rain among others.

Gorilla tracking is and will always be an exceptional and extraordinary activity which makes Volcanoes National Park and Rwanda one of the most visited destinations in Africa. This activity is conducted all year round though most tourists prefer the drier seasons because it is easier to hike, but whichever season you choose you will be served to the best satisfaction of a lifetime.