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What to Wear for Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda - Volcanoes National Park

Whenever travelling to any foreign destinations it is very wise to always be respectful to the dress code, in this case comfortable clothes are highly recommended on a trip that involves trekking and hiking, consider the following while preparing for your gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda;
We highly recommend sturdy clothing just to help protect you against scratches; you should then wear trousers, and a good long sleeved shirt plus long and light weight jungle boots or even sneakers that cover up to ankles. It is better to have your clothes in a natural color like green.
Since the weather here is unpredictable and changes all the time, it is important to also carry a light jumper, light weight breathable water proof jacket with a hood and trousers with a cape.

A light backpack for carrying in important items like; the packed lunch, snacks, the cameras, like two bottles of water and probably binoculars.
The first Aid Kit having plasters, lip balm, eye drops cold medicine and other personal medication.
There is need to have copies of your passport, visas, airline tickets and credit cards, it is advisable to keep these documents in two sets and in different places in case you lose one set.
A visitor also needs to have a walking stick depending on one’s fitness; these sticks can be gotten from the park headquarters. There are also porters who help in carrying your items on the steep slopes.
Sunscreen creams and insect repellent oils are important in case of a chilly and relaxing time at the lodge and mosquito bite respectively.

In case of the camera, you should carry a camera that is has zoom lens, wide angle and in-between lens or even fixed focal length lens since these animals keep moving around.
This one should be well charged accompanied with other films for taking much more pictures.
You need to carry sunglasses in case the weather turns to sunshine.
Binoculars are important because there is need to view other species in far like birds and other wild animals in the wilderness.