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How to Acquire the Discounted Gorilla Trek Permits in Uganda

Are you looking towards achieving your life time dreams? Traveling for your gorilla trekking adventure is now easy with introduced discounts in the gorilla permits in Uganda! The discount on mountain gorilla permits was a move introduced by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to help both the East African and foreign travelers to enjoy the gorilla adventure at affordable prices. The gorilla discounts enable the travelers not only to engage in mountain gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park but also involve in several tour packages such as Golden monkey tracking, the Batwa cultural experience trail, nature walks, mountain hiking as well as many tourist attractions within the national park. The discounted gorilla permits are promotional offers that are aimed at providing high chances to the interested travelers who do not get the opportunity to track the Giant African Apes during the peak season to also travel for same gorilla trekking experiences during the low season. The discounts for gorilla permits are always offered during the months of April, May and November.

The discounted permits do not only apply to Bwindi gorilla tracking permits but also the Mgahinga gorilla tracking permits, and the charges are offered based on the category of the tourist (foreign non-resident, foreign resident or East African citizen).

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) together with the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO), have continuously offered discounted gorilla permits in Uganda, to enable clients engage in gorilla trekking experiences. During the peak season, UWA offers the normal charges to visitors to purchase the gorilla permit at $600. However, due to need to increase on the country’s tourist inflows, UWA issues discounted gorilla permits at $450 for foreign non-residents and $400 for East African residents (foreign residents) and shs.100, 000 for Ugandans. This means that the foreign non-residents save $150, and foreign residents save $100. The visitors should note that the discounted gorilla permits are always issued during the low season.

In Rwanda, the mountain gorilla permits are maintained at $750, which means that there are no discounted gorilla permits for visitors who are interested in tracking the mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

Tourism is one of the fastest and largest growing sectors in Uganda that has been selected by the government to boost the economy of the country in the near future. The introduction of the discounted gorilla permits in the low season is not intended to boost only the number of visitors in the country but also to act as a means to create awareness, as well as boosting the tourism earnings for improved tourism industry. However, Rwanda should also borrow the leaf from Uganda since the gorilla permits shot up in Rwanda from $500 to $750.

Visitors should note that, the Mountain Gorilla Habituation Experience permits remain in the same cost, $1500 in both low and peak seasons. Currently, the low season is the best season for gorilla tracking.

The discounted gorilla permits are advertised yearly for the specific discounted months of November, April, and May to assist the clients to travel during the low season to enjoy the gorilla adventure as it is during the peak season in Uganda. It is important that visitors take this opportunity as the accommodation facilities also tend to lower their costs. Though visitors think that the discounts are only during the months of the wet season, and gorilla tracking tends to be hard, that should not be the major challenge because Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park is suitably located at the high terrain with tropical rain forest with ideal climatic conditions. The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park receives rainfall all year round and rains can be expected at any time despite the season.

To purchase the mountain gorilla permits in Uganda, the Uganda Wildlife Authority is mandated to issue the restricted gorilla permits of only 96 gorilla permits each day. To go for the trek or gorilla tracking, the adventure is only done in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park but visitors can also travel to the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park though the Giant Apes in this park are unreliable. However, UWA offers opportunity to tour operators and agents that are recognized to issue the gorilla permits or purchase the gorilla permits on the behalf the clients but the agent or tour operator must be authorized by Uganda Wildlife Authority. And in order for clients to achieve their long time dreams, Marathana Tours and Travel is readily available to serve you and enable you book your gorilla permit!

Therefore to be on safer side, you need only to present your gorilla tracking dates that you plan to travel for the incredible adventure of a life time. As this will also ensure early confirmation of visitor’s tour packages and the gorilla permit availability. Please, ensure to book one gorilla permit to the Bwindi’s Impenetrable Forest National Park for an amazing mountain gorilla adventure experiences in a life time in Uganda and Rwanda!!