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Sabyinyo Gorilla Group - Volcanoes National Park Ruhengeri

Sabinyo gorilla group derived its name from the Sabyinyo volcano. Sabinyo name means the old man’s teeth. Sabinyo gorilla group is one of the ten prestigious gorilla families that were habituated for gorilla tracking in the Volcanoes National Park. The Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is the Africa’s first and oldest national park in the whole of Africa as a continent. In the Volcanoes National Park, the mountain gorilla families are subdivided into two sections, and all are meant to serve different travel interest: These include one gorilla group for visitors traveling mainly for tourism purposes and then research purposes especially for scientists.

Sabyinyo gorilla family offers high opportunity to visitors for gorilla tracking because it is the most accessible gorilla family in the whole of the Volcanoes national park. This means visitors can spend about 30 minutes to reach the gorilla group. The Sabyinyo gorilla family is situated at the foothills of Mount Sabyinyo and Mount Gahinga. This family is very useful for visitors who need to track the easy to reach gorilla groups. Sabyinyo gorilla family is famous for its Giant silverback-Guhondo, the biggest and strongest male gorilla in the whole of the Volcanoes National Park. This Giant silverback weighs 220 kilograms.

In the previous years, the Sabinyo gorilla group had 8 members: 1 silverback, 3 adult females, 1 non adult female, 2 juveniles and 1 baby. Currently, the Sabinyo family boasts of 18 individuals, 3 silverbacks and many young ones.

Although the gorilla family is composed of few members, the visitor’s an unmissable experience is viewing the Giant and prestigious physical appearance of the silverback and playful behavior of several young mountain gorillas of this family.