Reasons Why you should go Gorilla Trekking in Africa - Africa Gorilla Tours
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Reasons Why you should go Gorilla Trekking in Africa - Africa Gorilla Tours

In the entire world, Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are exceptionally the only 3 destinations where the rare mountain gorillas thrive in the wild. As fewer as 900 individuals in the whole world, you can only find them in the few remaining tropical rain forests in Africa. Gorilla tracking is exceptionally regarded as lifetime experience that you can’t find anywhere in the world not even in the zoo but only in Africa’s thick vegetation. The rare mountain gorillas are incredibly the most powerful wild creatures in the wild. A trek to these intelligent and charismatic apes is truly dramatic, interesting and rewards with the most emotional experiences of lifetime. Compared to the rest of wildlife in the wild, a face to face encounter with these humble giants is exceptionally the most thrilling one of its kind.

Below are some of the reasons to gorilla trek

Find exclusively new lodges

When it comes to mountain gorilla safaris including the rest of other wildlife safaris in Africa, the presence of quality accommodation and lodging facilities are a must to facilitate visitor experience while in the destination. Recently, some of the amazing innovative and luxurious accommodations were opened in Volcanoes National Park, among which include the stunning Bisate Safaris Lodge. This is one of the luxurious facilities that stand on 27 hectares of steep subprime farmland. The phrase Bisate in Kinyarwanda denotes “pieces” which describes the manner in which the block cone at a time got eroded. This site features spectacular views of the peaks of the Great Volcanoes Bisoke, Mikeno and Karisimbi straddling within the afro alpine forests around the Volcanoes National Park. The 6 luxurious en-suit rooms maximize comfort, warmth and views while maintaining the environmental principles and depicting the culture of surrounding rural Rwanda. If you are planning your gorilla trekking safari, Bisate Safari Lodge should be one of a must lodges for you to spend a night after your exhilarating adventure. It comes with six luxurious rooms that offer tourists breathtaking views of the surrounding areas that you may not easily find in other place.

One and Only Gorillas Nest;  This is another recently opened facility offering visitors with exceptional natural views of the park. It is one of the incredible nature resorts and a night in this lodge makes you realize your long time dream. Also situated within the Volcanoes National Park, visitors on safari who spend a night here enjoy the natural setting of the area.

There is also one and Only Nyungwe House which opened around October features 22 key resort stands at the edge of the vast Nyungwe forest National Park. It is one of the sumptuous lodges that offer opportunity to enjoy the 13 distinct primates in Nyungwe Forest with convenience.

The Kwita Izina

This is another dramatic event that comes once in a year. The Kwita Izina event is cultural and traditional practice of Rwanda where the newly born mountain gorillas are given names. Thousands of people from different parts of world gather for this event and it serves as one way to create awareness about the significance of conserving the rare mountain gorillas as well as their natural habitat. On 1st September 2017, several baby gorillas were given their identity and for the last 12 years, over 2016 of them have been named in the process. It is one of such great events not to be missed while on safari to Rwanda.

Exclusive mountain gorilla adventure

Besides luxurious lodges and other accommodation facilities, Rwanda also offers yet another exceptional gorilla experience where you can book an entire habituated gorilla family and such person is given exclusive personal guiding services. You need $15000 to allow you enjoy this exclusive experience with the apes in the wild while on safari in Rwanda. In Uganda, you will enjoy Gorilla Habituation Experience one of its kind in the world which is offered only in Uganda and only in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Unlike the usual treks, habituation experience costs $1500 but allows you to spend all the four hours with these apes in the wild. For primate lovers this is one of the exclusive experiences that you shouldn’t miss out in life. Only Bikingi and Bushaho gorilla groups are set for this adventure in Uganda.


Tourism is credited for its direct contribution towards conservation of the rare mountain gorillas that their number has slowly increasing in the wild. Gorilla trekking permits that are purchased by tourists are a source of revenue to the government and the park authority which is used to finance conservation activities in the gorilla destinations in the respective countries while tourism jobs act as incentives for the local residents adjacent to the parks to conserve the rare mountain gorillas. Your visit to gorilla destination of your choice leaves a very big impact towards conserving these endangered apes since you would have supported the destination financially as you also par take a highly quality product. Through tourism certain percentage is given back to the local communities to support their projects which in turn boost conservation efforts in the park not only for the endangered mountain gorillas but also other wildlife species and their habitat. In Rwanda, 10% of the gorilla fee is given back to the communities while in Uganda, 20% park collection fees go back to the communities inform of tourism revenue sharing

Beyond the rare mountain gorillas

Uganda and Rwanda provide more than mountain gorillas. Tourists to Rwanda besides enjoying the spectacular mountain gorillas, they can also enjoy city tours in Kigali especially the world class museum set to keep Rwanda’s history. Also, there are also several magnificent national parks like the Nyungwe Forest National Park where you can catch a glimpse of about 13 different primate species among which include the chimpanzees; Akagera National Park for the big game viewing especially the rhinos, elephants, buffaloes, leopard and lion as well as other wildlife like the roan antelope, spotted hyena, zebra, oribi, bushbuck, elands, giraffes and many more. Akagera National Park also offers refuge to over 500 birdlife. In Uganda besides visiting Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park for mountain gorillas for rare mountain gorilla tracking, there are also several safari destinations for you to view spectacular wildlife species some of which include Murchison falls national park a home to the world’s powerful waterfalls-Murchison falls which also comes with big game-African Lions, African elephants, Leopards, Cape buffaloes, as well as several warthogs and antelope family; Kibale National Park the popular primate world in East Africa for chimpanzees that protects about 1500 individuals representing the largest percentage of all the chimpanzees that make up over 5000 chimpanzees in Uganda; Kidepo Valley National Park the authentic African wilderness destination for you to view the elusive ostriches, cheetahs, stripped hyenas as well as the African elephants, African lions, buffaloes and many others; Queen Elizabeth National Park a home to the rare tree climbing lions at Ishasha sector and also credited for its exceptional boat cruise along the Kazinga channel.

In conclusion, with several options in Uganda and Rwanda, you certainly have a reason to visit Africa for not only the mountain gorillas but also other wildlife as well as culture and scenic viewing and not to forget the Eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park and the Maiko National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo. Your visit to trek the mountain gorillas is highly appreciated as you greatly contribute to their conservation in the wild.

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