Why Rwanda Mountain Gorillas Have Become America's Biggest Choice
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Why Rwanda Mountain Gorillas Have Become America's Biggest Choice

Have you ever thought about gorilla trekking in Africa? Have you wondered why most American visitors treasure Volcanoes National Park when it comes to African vacations? What exactly is special in the Rwanda Volcanoes National Park? While other traveler’s interest lies in savanna wildlife experiences, to some of the American tourists it is a different story when it comes to Rwanda safaris. Erica Barks Ruggles the US ambassador in Rwanda is one of the exceptional personalities in the world. She is credited to have visited the Volcanoes National Park eight (8) times mainly to track the rare mountain gorillas. For last treks she has had in Rwanda, she has managed to catch a glimpse of over 60 mountain gorillas while in the jungles. These Great apes are exceptionally impressive and they are undoubtedly Rwanda’s star tourist attractions. Rwanda has managed to keep its position as one of the best spots for mountain gorilla trekking that the adventure has become the most sought after experience by most trekkers today. Many countries and not to forget the United States of America have partnerships with Rwanda specifically in maintaining tourism and conservation. The latter is facilitated by close contacts with Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in various tourism projects in the country.

Based on the on the Rwanda Development Board officials, the number of tourists on safari to Rwanda the previous year hiked by 4 percent compared to 1.3 million in 2015. This was a drastic hike from the 1.2 million visitors in 2014 and the 1.1 million last year. In total, about 24488 visitors in 2014 originated from America, 13008 from India, 12320 were from the United Kingdom, 8733 visitors came from Belgium and finally in Germany over 8228 tourists were recorded that same year. American tourists therefore represented about 20 percent of the total revenues accounting to $304.9 million in the same year. There are also more other notable personalities who have visited Rwanda including the philanthropists Bill Gates, Howard Graham Buffett and many more. The mountain gorillas have remarkably turned to be Rwanda’s prime attraction.

Around May 2017, US actor and film maker Morgan Freeman also visited these Great apes in the Virunga Mountain ranges. His visit to the Land of a Thousand Hills came 4 months after US based Hollywood star famously called in Titanic as Leonardo DiCaprio visited Rwanda for his vacation where visiting the Volcanoes National Park to view the rare mountain gorillas was part of his safari.

Given the prevailing peace and security in Rwanda, there is no need to wonder why most American visitors flock into this spectacular destination for their vacation. Visitor safety is an important factor if a destination is to prosper in terms of tourism. This is based on the fact that tourism is driven by peace and at times peace can be moved by tourism. It is of no doubt that most visitors have realized that Rwanda is currently one of the safest destinations for one to spend his or her holiday in the continent. The safety in the country allows visitors to explore its abundant biodiversity and the stunning landscapes which are usually the main reasons why most tourists come to Africa. Rwanda per say isn’t that endowed with variety of attractions but it is largely blessed with the rare mountain gorillas that are found in three countries in the entire world. A side from tracking these unique creatures in the Rwanda Volcanoes National Park other spots to visit include; Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park in Southwestern Uganda as well as the Virunga National Park in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Across the world, there are fewer than 900 mountain gorillas left in the wild and only Africa offers you that remarkable opportunity to strike your imaginations with these dramatic apes. For lifetime experiences in Rwanda, 10 (ten) gorilla groups have been habituated for visitors to track every day. This translates to about 8 gorilla permits. The gorilla permits in Rwanda are sold at $1500 per visitor!

However, there are many more visitors who are willing to visit Rwanda but they still influenced by the Rwanda genocide perceptions and not to forget the insecurities in the neighboring DR Congo. If you are planning your safari to Africa, consider Rwanda a must to visit destination that will reward you with lifetime experiences. It is safe and secure for you to spend a vacation in the country and after fly back home. For visitors on safari, there are several safety and security guidelines as well as tips to be followed while on a visit in Rwanda. And they are available on our websites!

In conclusion, there are a million reasons why Rwanda should be a must in your bucket list. Not is Rwanda visited by American visitors but also other tourists from other countries who come for mountain gorilla trekking as well as catch a glimpse of other spectacular attractions or those who come mainly for business purposes. Rwanda is one of the remarkable destinations that you should consider for your next vacation in Africa and you won’t be disappointed in life.

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