Rwanda Launches Paramotoring Experience - Rwanda Travel News
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Rwanda Launches Paramotoring Experience - Rwanda Travel News

Have you ever imagined yourself in the air with no other person on board? Is this the kind of experience that you have always looked for but you do not know which country to visit? Well, you need not to look any further than the remarkable Rwanda-the Land of a Thousand Hills and your dreams would come true in Africa! With introduction of paramotoring, Rwanda is undoubtedly adventure paradise in East Africa. It is such a unique experience that you shouldn’t miss in life after or before you strike your imaginations with the critically endangered mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. This newly launched sport is full of fun, excitement, adventure and above all, you become an explorer of your own as you swing in the air while exploring the most picturesque tourist sites across the country that make it a few most exceptional safari destinations in the world. Leave alone the hot air balloon experiences, because this is a true definition of extra-ordinary adventure that offers you opportunity not just paying a visit to Rwanda but discovering what makes it such a vibrant and sound destination in its fresh state. This incredible adventure was launched by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) through “Visit Rwanda” campaign after partnering with the Rwanda Flying Club and the Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority.

The Powered paragliding is a recreational kind of sport where you put on a motor on your back that offers adequate thrust for you to set off using a light paraglider wing. It is such amazing experience full of fun that allows you to explore most of the incredible tourist attractions on your own but at a low level altitude of about 150 meters though flights can also be done up to 7500 meters. For those paramotors with a weight of about 20-40 kilograms, the pilot is supported at a takeoff time and after, the wing lifts the motor. However, you can control your flight as there are brakes. If you are adventure enthusiast, this is one of the most enjoyable and thrilling adventures that you need to try out while on your safari in Rwanda. The cost for this lovely recreational sport will be communicated soon by the RDB. However, in order for one to be part of this adventure, you must have undergone through training of about 5 to 8 days with the Rwanda Flying Club or a recognized trainer. It will be conducted in the spectacular towns like Huye, Nyungwe, Rubavu and Karongi that are credited for their dramatic landscape, Lakes and the stunning Nyungwe Forest National Park-a renowned primate paradise and one of a few tropical rainforests that are left in Africa.  Rwanda is one of the prime destinations for adventure seekers and with the introduction of the new tourism product; it becomes the only nation in East African region offering such a unique experience. This newly launched tourism product will be run by RDB together with the Rwanda Flying Sports Club. It was launched at Huye Airstrip, the southern Province of Rwanda.

Besides, Rwanda also features variety of exceptional attractions that are worth adding in your bucket list and they include among others several genocide memorial sites that you can explore while on Kigali city tour; chimpanzee adventures in Nyungwe Forest National Park, wilderness experiences that reward you with amazing encounters at the big game in Akagera National Park; cultural experiences especially with the amazing traditional dances and performances by the cultural Troup Intore and if you are interested in cultural experiences, you can pay a visit to Iby’iwacu cultural village in Musanze where live dances are performed before visitors.

In conclusion, Rwanda isn’t only popular for its thrilling mountain gorilla trekking experiences but also for most of the newly developed tourism products like paramotoring that any adventure seeker shouldn’t miss to be part while on safari in Africa. In East Africa, it is the only country that you can visit and would have come true!

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